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jk_list(8) jk_list jk_list(8)

jk_list - a utility to list all processes in a chroot jail


jk_list -w

jk_list will show all processes that are running in a chroot jail, which jail they are running in, and which user is running the process.

Show wide listing (does not abbreviate commandline options)

Currently jk_list needs a /proc filesystem to function, and is therefore unlikely to function on operating systems that do not have a /proc filesystem

jailkit(8) jk_check(8) jk_chrootlaunch(8) jk_chrootsh(8) jk_cp(8) jk_init(8) jk_jailuser(8) jk_lsh(8) jk_procmailwrapper(8) jk_socketd(8) jk_uchroot(8) jk_update(8) chroot(2)

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