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kernel-wedge-gen-control - generate debian/control file

kernel-wedge gen-control

Generate a debian/control from the control stub, the kernel-versions files, and the package-list files.

For each kernel version and flavour, and for each module list defined for that flavour, gen-control will create a binary package control paragraph. This is normally based on a template in the package-list in the default-configuration directory.

Templates are processed as follows:

For each standard control field name, copy the template control field name_flavour, name_arch_flavour, name_arch, or name (in descending order of priority).
Append the kernel version and flavour to package names in the Package and Depends fields.
Stop processing the package if it has been excluded.
Set the Architecture, Package-Type, Kernel-Version, and Section fields automatically.
Remove any package that is not going to be built from the Depends field. This can be overridden by adding a "!" to the dependency name.
Add the original (unsuffixed) package name to the Provides field.
Emit the processed control paragraph.

The package-list in the configuration directory may add new package templates or override template field values. For example:

# This file is used to build up the control file. The kernel version and
# "-di" are appended to the package names. Section can be left out. So can
# architecture, which is derived from the files in the modules directory.
# It overwrites specifications from /usr/share/kernel-wedge/package-list.
Package: fat-modules
Priority: standard
Package: nic-modules
Depends: kernel-image, nic-shared-modules, core-modules, firewire-core-modules
Package: other-modules
Depends: kernel-image
Description: some other modules I like to have in the installer

The configuration directory may have an exclude-packages file that lists any udebs (by full package name) that would normally be built, but should be excluded from the control file.

Joey Hess, Ben Hutchings <>

June 2019 Kernel-wedge