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Gitea ("Git with a cup of tea") is a web-based source-code management system for Git repositories. It is written in Go and is released under the MIT license. Gitea was started in 2015[cit1] as a community-managed fork of Gogs in response to the single-maintainer management model adopted by Gogs[cit2].


When the development of Gogs slowed down for a prolonged period of time in 2015 driven by a lack of activity of the project administrator[cit3], some of its contributors decided to fork the project to a new one called go-gitea. Eventually, go-gitea was merged into Gogs once the administrator was back, and further development of the fork stopped. One year later however, the situation repeated and for this reason some of the Gogs contributors decided to continue the work on go-gitea in order to promote a community approach with more than one maintainer[cit2]. The fork was later renamed "Gitea".

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