Gogs ("Go Git Service") is a web-based source-code management system for Git repositories. It was initiated in February, 20141 by Jiahua Chen (also known as unknwon2) and Lunny Xiao (also known as lunny3) with the goal of building a free, self-hostable clone of GitHub4. It is written in Go and is released under the MIT license.

Controversy and Gitea fork

The development of Gogs slowed down in 2015 and Jiahua, the sole person with write access to the Gogs repository, stopped merging pull requests. This prolonged inactivity sparked doubts about the future of the project5 and culminated with the creation of a fork called go-gitea. When Jiahua was back, however, go-gitea was merged to Gogs and the development of the fork stopped. One year later, in 2016, the situation repeated. For this reason some of the Gogs contributors who grew frustrated with the management of the project7 decided to continue the work on go-gitea8. The fork was later renamed Gitea.

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